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Tivoliland danish/english/german - Welcome to TIVOLILAND's web site, - here you can go on a discovery tour in lovely, summer-clad TIVOLILAND located in the centre of the city of Aalborg. Legoland Billund english/danish/german - Legoland is  an amusement park for children of all ages, and its Doll Museum and Titania's Palace attract doll lovers from all corners of the world .
Christiania english/danish - Christiania is an open recreation area, witch is filled  with    adventure.   Still    many of the Freetown´s visitors only experience a fraction of the variety of Christiania. Tivoli english/danish - One of the world's oldest amusements parks right in the centre of Copenhagen ... Enjoy the enchanted world of Tivoli in winter dress. Thousands of lights, lots of shops and stalls, rides, and restaurants. Ice skating on the Tivoli Lake and an entire world of pixies are among the many, many delights of Tivoli's Christmas Market.


Egeskov Castle danish/english/german - We welcome you to the large park with all the beautiful gardens, to the exciting Oldtimer museum, and to the castle itself, the best-preserved Renaissance moat castle in Europe... Egeskov Castle was built in 1554......The Castle is constructed of two separate sections divided by a wall a metre thick, containing secret rooms and staircases. Egeskov Castle is the home of Count and Countess Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille. Its is open to the public.


Rundetaarn 8 languages - The Round Tower was built on the initiative of King Christian IV (1588-1648) with Hans Steenwinkel the Younger as architect. On 7 July, the foundation stone for Rundetaarn was laid. The tower was the first stage of the   Trinitatis    complex, which was to gather three important facilities for the scholars of the seventeenth century: an astronomical observatory, a student's church and a university library. Tycho Brahe Planetarium og Omnimaxteater danish / english - A planetarium with a permanent exhibition on astronomy and space travel, with room for changing exhibits. The changing exhibits deal with subjects connected to specific Omnimax-films or to astronomical events in the night sky. Starshows are shown in the Omnimax-theatre. ......


DSI Giuskud ZOO english/german/danish - It  is an officially recognized  zoo, which is a non-profit organisation, with the purpose: • to provide info about and understanding of animals and nature • to preserve endangered species • to contribute to research in the biology of animals Knuthenborg Zoo english/danish/german - Welcome to a multitude of delights in North Europe's largest Country House Safari Park! More than 4.000.000 m2 with wild animals in natural surroundings.
Ebeltoft ZOO danish/english/german - There are countless things to see and do in Ebeltoft ZOO & Family Park's 80+ acres full of nature and animals.Come early because you and your family can easily spend a whole day in the Family Park. Explore the park's beautiful setting with its thousands of roses, tropical birds,web-footed birds,scenery and the great outdoors. Randers Tropical Zoo english/german/danish - Visit Randers Rainforest and experience at close hand the diverstiy of animals and plants in their natural environment. Explore a world that is always warm and where the smells, the high humidity and the many wonderful sounds give the impression that you are in a real rainforest


Virtual Tour Denmark english/danish - Welcome to Virtual Tour Denmark ....Enter a visual journey around Denmark - take a look around the   cities,   landscapes    and sights in our ± 360° panoramas - Almost like being there yourself. Hopefully you'll be   inspired   to   come   and visit the real Denmark. Denmark Tourist Attraction Search english - Denmark Travel Encyclopedia by PlanetWare Plan travel using photos, maps, lists of top rated attractions, walking and driving tours for Denmark, Copenhagen, Aalborg, Arhus, Roskilde, Tivoli and other towns.
Copenhagen Pictures english - touristic photos from the greater Copenhagen area with descriptions in US-English. Online discussion forums available.