Local Name: Republika Hrvatska
Surface : 56.538 Kmq...
Population : 4.501.000 inhabitants
Electrical Voltage: 220 volts AC, 50Hz.
Visa: Restricted entry and transit: Croatia does not recognise passports issued by Palestine, Taiwan and the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. PASSPORTS: Valid passport required by all except 1. nationals of Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Vatican City, provided holding a national identity card and a Border Crossing Pass valid for 90 days (which is issued on arrival and has to be shown upon departure). VISAS: Required by all except the following for stays of up to 90 days: nationals of Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay and Vatican City; nationals of Bosnia-Herzegovina, provided they are not residents of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and have current permission to reside or work in a thrid country; however, nationals of Bosnia-Herzegovina holding valid British Travel Documents do require a visa for entry/transit to Croatia; nationals of the Russian Federation with a legalised business/private letter of invitation or proof that a holiday has been booked; transit passengers continuing their journey by the same or first connecting aircraft within 48 hours provided holding confirmed onward and return documentation and not leaving the airport.
Climate: This beautiful Mediterranean climate is similar to Italy's east coast and Greece's northern reaches. Winters are mild with lows of 12C (54F) and Croatia has hot, dry summers 33C (94F). The rainy season runs from mid-November until early March.
Capital : Zagreb (1991 census pop. 960,000)
System : Parliamentary democracy.....Under the 1990 constitution, legislative power rests with the bicameral Sabor, both houses of which are elected for 4-year terms. Executive power is held by the president, elected for five years, who appoints a cabinet of ministers.
Languages : Croatian
Religions :  Roman Catholic 76, 5% - Orthodox 11,1% - Islam 1, 2% - Protestant 1, 4% - Atheists 3, 9%
Money : Croatian Kuna (HRK 1 = 100 Lipa)
  + 385
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